How to Start a Crypto Blog on the Blockchain.

Start a Crypto Blog and get paid in Crypto Currency? The blockchain offers bloggers many different types of social media accounts. It is now possible to have complete decentralized ownership of your Crypto Blog. The same can be done for pictures and videos too, making it very convenient and profitable. PeakD offers a Decentralized Social Media Blogging platform that rewards users in crypto currency! Help build a community on the blockchain.

Crypto Blogging on the Blockchain offers social media users the ability to get paid in cryptocurrency. PeakD provides the entry point to the Hive Blockchain Social Media crypto-sphere. Users create and own their own community. The PeakD Journey into the Hive blockchain crypto-sphere encourages the Blog and Site creators to acquire badges and rewards for community participation. Once your Hive community grows you are rewarded for curation and content.

Once you set up your Hive blog community you can begin inviting users to join your project. Since PeakD is the entry point for the Hive Blockchain it is at this point that you create a User name and secure your cryptographic ‘Private Keys’; which you don’t want to lose.

You will also want to set up a profile picture and banner for your Hive Blogging platform. PeakD and the Hive Social Media Platform will require a ‘learning curve’ for new users to ‘Learn how to collect crypto rewards’. With some daily effort this decentralized blockchain blogging platforms will help you grow your own social media community network. 

how to start a blog

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