How To Write Better Articles In Two Simple Steps – Article Marketing Tips

Nearly all Internet marketing consultants concur One of the critical elements to effective Internet marketing is with the use of articles. Google has a free tool called the Keyword Tool External. And once you have been doing this for awhile, you will know exactly which phrases are best for your business. We are living in the internet age and some readers might want to get list articles that are fun and easy to read. One more alert I can give you concerns free web hosting

Google PageRank is the value Google assigns to sites to determine their relevance to searches performed on Google. Bear in mind that this will likely change over time though, if more or less Alexa toolbar users visit each site or Google changes the PageRank of any one of the sites. Step 2: Get clear on what you do want. You must get with the right training program

An article that is written purely as a promotional tool will be of no value to say the least. There must be a clear message that tells the reader about additional information of they visit your site, or click on the link in the resource box. Why? It will: (1) have high search engine rankings for its keywords and (2) be read by more people interested in topics covered by the keywords. Be knowledgeable about your niche or product and write with compassion. Now is the time to perform the tiring, boring and tedious task of submitting your articles

While you’re there, get your Free Audio Mentoring Session by clicking the first button. It will appear that the articles you came up with are not even thought of well. A Fact: If search engines punished you and duplicate content was a big no – than all RSS feeds would cause sheer mayhem. A Fact: this is incorrect as depending on exactly where the article gets submitted to, is what matters. Product Links: If you are selling specific products you can mention their unique URLs so that your reader does not need to spend time on your site searching for the one he wants

Submit your articles 10 daily so that there are always articles in the pipeline. Once you have completed your challenge, you would have proved to yourself that it is possible to generate 40 articles per week and that there is no reason why you should not continue to do this. A common platform and common goals drive all the members toward sharing skills and this results in benefiting all concerned. Good luck and keep writing


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