Secrets of Successful Leaders: Blake Cory and Casey DeMille (Real Estate)

How do you become successful in real estate? Blake Cory and Casey DeMille of Rise Consulting, who both have achieved tremendous success in real estate, share their secrets to success.
In this interview, they cover how to build a team, what mindset you need if you want to be successful as well as some tips on lead generation that will help your business grow exponentially!

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0:00 – Intro
0:39 – Casey DeMille introduces himself
1:50 – Blake backs up Casey’s background
2:42 – Casey does not have an extensive history but specializes in one thing
3:24 – The new phenomenon that’s taking over the real estate industry
4:15 – What’s going with the new referral-based platforms
6:26 – Casey’s take on why lead generation companies charge upfront
8:12 – Blake asks the executives of the lead generation company why they made the change
9:28 – Lead generation company taking over the real estate industry
10:50 – Team leaders trying to go through the application process in joining the platforms
12:10 – Common pitfalls based on Casey’s experience and observation
14:39 – Team leaders’ fear in starting a team or hiring agents
15:15 – The secrets to using Lead Generation platforms that other people don’t see
16:46 – The importance of knowing the hacks inside the platforms
17:17 – Why it’s important to keep up with the changes
18:27 – The ultimate payoff in following Casey’s advice
19:35 – Improvement in Blake’s company
21:33 – Real estate is changing and why it’s important to keep up
22:00 – Final words from Casey DeMille
22:24 – Blake’s closing remarks


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