The Power of Live Video with Brandan Fisher

Who’s ready to get naked with David and Brandan Fisher? Who’s Brandan you ask? Well, Brandan is an inventor, entrepreneur, and the Founder of Live Pigeon. He is very passionate about video production and live videos and has been working with some of the top influencers in the marketing space for the past 12 years. While sitting in one of Russell Brunson’s inner circle groups, he overheard some men talking about batch producing all their content and pushing it live to Facebook. Needless to say, Brandan’s mind was blown! He took this idea and ran with it. Not even three years later, Live Pigeon was born. Now with just the click of a few buttons, you’re able to schedule pre-recorded videos to show up as if they’re live on Facebook and YouTube. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it! Tune in to hear all about the creation, the struggles and the benefits of Live Pigeon.

00:00 Intro
01:51 Creation Of Live Pigeon
08:30 Why Live Pigeon?
14:11 Was Brandan Skeptical?
23:27 What’s Being Done To Inform People Of Live Pigeon?
24:48 Why Is It Important To Go Live Without Actually Going Live?

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