The Strength Tarot!

Strength is the rawest type of power, and you are able to use it in some form. It’s a wonderful card if you are fighting an illness or recovering from an injury. It is possible that its influence over you, as well as the purpose you choose to put it to can trend towards the dark or light side. It is likely that you will be facing your issues with determination, facing them head-on and conquering them with determination and perseverance. In the face of the obstacles of life, however, comes the responsibility to control yourself, and it this card might be a signal to take command of your thoughts or actions prior to causing harm to yourself or the people that you cherish.The Strength Tarot card depicted, a woman gently massages a lion on its forehead and jaw. Despite being well-known for its fierceness but the woman has managed to control the beast by calming and loving energy. The lion is a symbol of raw passions and desires. And in taming him, the woman shows that the animal instinct and passion can be expressed in positive ways when your inner strength and resiliency are utilized. She doesn’t resort to coercion or force, she channels her inner strength to subdue and manage the predator. The woman wears a white robe, showing her purity of heart, and an adornment and belt of flowers that represent the most stunning, fullest representation of nature. Over her head is the symbol for infinity, which represents her endless capacity and wisdom. “The Strength” tarot card represents the 9th Major Arcana card of the tarot deck. It represents a variety of qualities other than being strong. It was once known as fortitude and its meaning is quite clear in both illustration and title. Having a gallant spirit and a steady mind under stress, and working together with others and allowing mistakes to be made is all component of strength. When this card is revealed in your reading, it’s certainly a message that having endurance and perseverance is essential for some challenges in your love life or career. Are you prepared to take on the world with the cloak of strength? This strength tarot card is one of the arcana major cards that do exactly what it states on the tin. The word “Strength” when appearing on a tarot reading, symbolizes our personal strength. This can be physical strength or more frequently, it is a reference to our inner and emotional strength. Strength’s tarot meaning is one of my favourites because it has a strong, positive energy that allows you to feel confident in doing what needs to be done. That you possess an inner strength to conquer anything that’s stopping you from doing your best or causing pain and negative energy currently

strength card

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