Tips on Buying and Selling Domain Names

Tips on Buying and Selling Domain Names

It may seem like a crazy idea but some people have made money buying, selling and flipping domains. Some have even become millionaires doing this. I will show you how it is performed and teach you what you need to know to begin. Here’s what you need to understand:

You can’t make money in domain flipping without first understanding the market. The domain name market is huge and it gets bigger every day. Some folks make their money buying up domains that are worth less than ten bucks each. Other people make their money selling domain names that are worth more than a hundred dollars each. Either way, it’s a lot of money.

Domains are sold for several distinct reasons. 1 reason is popular phrases that are in high demand. Hot topics rise in cost when people are searching for answers to questions about the problem they have. Therefore, popular phrases on health and lifestyle sites such as”I hate cold temperatures” or”weight loss” or”I hate heat” will immediately gain traction in the domain name’s market. Once they gain a momentum, they will be hard to beat.

Another reason people buy domains is to resell them later. Reselling domains is one of the fastest growing forms of domain flipping. A couple of years ago domain names were bought and resold with little attention paid to the market. But today there are large directories like GoDaddy and eBay, where sellers and buyers can register old and new domain names prior to making any sales. So, sellers can purchase hot domain names, register them and then immediately sell them for good profits.

If you want to make the most profit buying and selling domains then you’ll need to buy enough domains to cover your everyday usage. You must have a minimum of ten domains registered each with a current Premium domain status. If you are planning on selling all of your domain names then you will want to do one of the following: Find a good domain name search engine, enter a list of your preferred domain names and run a search. If your domain name isn’t available in the search results then you’ll need to buy it from your hosting company.

If you will sell all your domain names then you need to set aside time each day to check through and purchase any domain names you aren’t using. The most valuable domains are those with no expiration dates and died domain extensions. As soon as you’ve purchased your domain names, you will need to find new extensions to register so that your website visitors can access your website. New extensions cost a little more than regular domain extensions but you can usually sell your old domain names for twice the amount of new extensions.

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