Customer Win Back Strategy

What happened when COVID-19 first hit us and businesses started to close?

Everyone that needed anything started searching online for their supplies and shopping needs.

With the first lock-downs, there were very little people on the streets and on the highways, so they all had to be doing something. They were online searching for services and supplies, and most went to the Big Online Shops because they noticed that you were closed. 

Most people search locally first, they might see your website, there is nothing new on in. They may have checked your Google My Business with no updates on it. So, that gave the impression that  you couldn’t serve them, you had no Call To Action for them on any of your online sites, no news of when you might be open, or alternative ways that you can meet their needs. 

Most people went shopping elsewhere, they went where they could shop anytime and have their products delivered to them. Most businesses were not prepared for that, they didn’t know how, didn’t have the technology or just some basic information on how to set-up online shopping options for their customers. 

Most downtown merchants are used to providing a direct sales approach to their customers walking into their stores and buying merchandise, this is what they do everyday, how do you change that, or how do you expect to do anything different. They were not accustomed to doing online business sales. 

If you haven’t already started moving your business online or at least providing information online on how your customers can get products or services from you, it’s time to start looking at how much you should be doing online, or just move everything online. 

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