It’s the second quarter of 2020 and people are not able to host any in person parties or gatherings because of the coronavirus pandemic. A stay at home order has been set in place and people are asked to practice social distancing. This is a sad reality and it may take a while before people can once again share food with friends and loved ones in a French restaurant, for instance.

But entertaining does not have to mean that you and your guests need to gather around the same table. You can sit at separate tables in different locations and still enjoy a party together. But all these need to happen over the internet. You can use apps like Facetime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype. There will be no scheduling conflicts aside from making sure that your virtual dinner get together happens after you all clock out for the day from your jobs. Plus, if you burn the chicken because you were also cleaning the house while cooking, only you would be the one who’ll eat it.

What’s great about a virtual dinner party is that you don’t have to spend months or even weeks planning for the event in a French restaurant Myrtle Beach. You can just text your friends a few days before, set a time, and share a meal or drink together, virtually. It will be a lovely way to create that sense of community for a few hours even if you are not together physically. The food won’t be the main event, everyone will focus on being able to talk, unwind, and relax, even if you are just doing it all online.

Make The Needed Preparations

It is important to prepare even if you will only have a dinner party virtually. You should ask yourself if something will be boring to watch. For example, if you are watching a cooking show, you wouldn’t want to watch the contestants grating cheese or chopping onions right? You also don’t want your friends to see you doing the same thing. It’s fun to cook while on the phone but see to it that you’re on the part of the recipe that’s easy to do and allows you to still maintain a conversation.

Let Your Friends Show Up When They Want

It is ideal to have all your friends on the call when you start the party. However, if a friend is still finishing something for work, let them join later on. It’s just like being late to a party. They can still join even if they arrived a few minutes after.

Dress Up

Don’t show up wearing your pajamas. Put on something nice before the call. Since it’ll be a video call, they’ll still be seeing you and you want to be presentable.

 Not a cook? Order Take Out or Delivery

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For the desserts, you can choose from Bourbon Bread Pudding, Chocolate Fondant, Crème Brulee a I’Orange, and Crème Brulee au Chocolat.

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