How Moolavine Can Earn Your First JVZoo and Clickbank Commissions!

Traditional internet marketing can be an intricate process. People usually flounder if they try to be all things to all people.

So, the first thing you do is pick a topic to focus on (niche selection).

You don’t want to pick a topic that’s too competitive like earn money online. Most of the money in that niche go to the gurus who have built a reputation through product launching and building relationships with others in the business.

However, you don’t want to pick a topic that doesn’t have enough of an audience to drive regular traffic or doesn’t have as associated problem to solve that’s compelling enough for people to purchase products / solutions from you.

Once you select a niche, you have to research associated keywords and use them in a way that people can find you online. This is true regardless of the media you use to convey information (articles, videos, images, etc…) or whether you use SEO, Social (think hashtags) or paid traffic.

Then you have to find a congruent product to sell which solves a problem in the niche you’ve chosen. More research!

But what if you didn’t have to do all that research and audience targeting?

What if some of the hundreds of thousands of customers of JVZoo and Clickbank had an arrangement with you to buy all their products from you regardless of how they learned about the products or who told them? Then you would get affiliate commissions from items you may never have dreamed of promoting and know absolutely nothing about!

A reverse affiliate marketing network called moolavine may be what you’re looking for.