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Sleep Apnea Machines – Are They As Good As The Salesman Says?

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If it is too big, the straps may need to be overly tight, causing skin irritations or sores. In the event it is discovered that you have sleep apnea, you will then be fitted with a CPAP device and apnea mask to correct the apnea situation. To diagnose obstructive sleep apnea, your doctor will use a test called “Polysomnography”. Mostly suspected sleep apnea patients are advised to undergo PSG or Polysmonogram test which checks your sleep patterns, snoring, oxygen levels, heart rate, muscle activity and other sleep related tests in a sleep lab. When ignored, the irregular breathing pattern can develop into heart attacks, high blood pressure and heart disease

Sleep apnea can cause you to be less productive at work or school and increases your chances of having a car accident because of your sleep loss. There are many different companies that make this special pillows. The nasal pillow mask is contoured to follow the shape of the nose and has a chin and head strap. Additionally, some folks unintentionally fall asleep during the daytime

Such testing involves an overnight stay to determine if your body is experiencing apnea episodes. It is only a family member or a bed partner who first notices the awkwardness in a person’s sleep pattern. The lack of sleep experienced by a person due to this illness can merely impede the normal breathing pattern while he or she sleeps, and usually happens for almost a dozen of times through out the whole period of sleeping

However, the mask does require humidification to create a seal. There are many reasons why men will resist testing and treatment for Sleep Apnea. Daytime drowsiness, snoring, headaches and even a sore throat are included in the symptoms. Natural remedies available for insomnia include a change in lifestyle such as a better diet. With sleep apnea, you can actually stop breathing for as long as ten seconds and it usually happens because brain signals that control breathing are interrupted or because the throat muscles relax enough that the airway narrows

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