This is the ultimate guide to self-knowledge.

The Hermit holds alone on the top of a mountain peak. The snowfall-capped variety symbolises his spiritual mastery, progress and fulfillment. They have preferred this pathway of selfdevelopment and, as a result, has arrived at a enhanced state of recognition.

Within his right-hand, he retains a lantern using a six-pointed legend on the inside it is the Close off of Solomon, an expression of knowledge. As being the Hermit walks his course, the lamp lighting his way – but it only illuminates his after that few actions rather than whole trip. He must leap forward to view what to do up coming, with the knowledge that not every little thing will be exposed at the same time. In his left hand, the side of your subconscious mind imagination, the Hermit keeps a lengthy staff (a sign of his energy and influence), that he uses to help and equilibrium him.

hermit tarot card

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