watch mortal kombat 2021 full movie online

watch mortal kombat 2021 full movie online

did i miss movies getting to see a brand new movie that everyone is going to be talking about online being a part of the conversation it’s something that i’ve been missing and i know a lot of other people have been missing over the last year or with the situation going on in the world i just got back from watching mortal kombat 2021 and is that a mortal kombat 2021 movie kind of in the best way possible

i do movie content  but i am here to do a spoiler-free review of mortal kombat 2021 alright what do i mean by spoiler free i’m not going to spoil any major story beats and that’s enough we can just go ahead and get into it i feel that whatever your expectations are for mortal kombat 2021

before you watch it is super important if you were expecting just some like really cool fight scenes and a lot of mortal kombat 2021 isms i think that you’re in it for a fun time if you were somehow expecting way more some like super deep character stuff maybe a insane intricate story obviously this isn’t gonna be that for me i know that my expectations were pretty low going in and i’m happy to report that i had way more fun with the movie than i thought i was going to now did i love it no but i seldomly love movies like this it isn’t generally what i enjoy they’re not my favorite types of movies but i’ve been playing mortal kombat 2021 since i was a kid probably since i was like six years old and yes someone made the mistake of letting me play mortal kombat 2021

when i was six years old but hey i think i turned out okay for the most part so the franchise has been a part of my life for a very long time at this point so when the movie got announced i knew right away that i was gonna be there watch it day one now day one is still gonna be coming up for a lot of people and luckily people are gonna have the opportunity to watch us from the safety of their own home i just want to quickly say that if you can just watch us at home it’s coming up you’re gonna be able to stream it that’s probably the way to do it and even if you do decide to somehow go see it in a theater be careful wear a mask all that good stuff that’s not what this is about though let’s continue i really liked how many easter eggs there were i’m not some hardcore mortal kombat 2021 fan but there was a lot of cool little callbacks and just imagery for characters that aren’t in the movie or anything like that

but it shows that they have been a part of mortal kombat 2021 tournaments in the past and as soon as i saw a couple that i recognized i was just on the lookout my eyes were peeled trying to focus on as many things in the background as i could because i just wanted to see more to me that was like really fun probably my favorite thing about the movie is the choreography it was really really really good the fight sequences are brutal the franchise is built on gore it’s a built on shock value and this movie has a lot of that there were a couple of scenes that were like hard to watch like i was squeamish just because of the brutality going on there are fatalities in the movie we’ve known that for a while and seeing them on screen is really cool we saw scorpion do the get over here thing in the trailer and there’s a number of other

catchphrases from the franchise that make it to the movie and i smiled every single time it happened and some people might consider that to be corny right you know seeing things that we see like in a video game happening in the movie in the exact same way it’s not like the most logical transition but it worked and if you don’t think about it too much and you just like realize hey this is mortal kombat 2021 you’re probably in for a really fun time a lot of the characters are beautifully realized they’re like true to the game as far as visually and their abilities kung lao was in a special standout to me

i really liked him in this movie we do see earthrum and outworld fighting but we never quite see a mortal kombat 2021 tournament which is a little bit of a weird thing to say in a mortal kombat 2021 movie but there is a pretty clear setup for what the next movie would be if this one becomes successful and i really hope that it does most of the characters were fun to watch and i didn’t feel like any points of the movie really dragged i know prior to the movie’s release there was this whole thing where like hey it’s not super long we wish it was longer so that each character could have more time and i feel like a longer version of this movie would have been a movie that i like less i thought the pacing was perfectly fine and i didn’t feel like it ended too soon or anything we get a lot of gore some really cool moments and some awesome fight scenes and for me that’s all that i could possibly want out of a mortal kombat 2021 movie

it’s really hard to like talk about it without trying to get too deep into spoilers let me know if you guys want a more spoiler filter review but for now i’m gonna go ahead and get out of here i enjoyed mortal kombat 2021 now was it amazing no is this finally a good video game movie i don’t know kind of it depends on how much you like mortal kombat 2021 because if you are a hardcore fan of the franchise you’re probably gonna love this and if you’ve always thought that like hey mortal kombat 2021 is just way too violent it’s not for me then those are probably the feelings that you’re gonna have when you get out of this

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