Active Pure Technology Will Give You Peace Of Mind During COVID-19

Vollara Active Pure Technology Will Clean Your Air During COVID-19

Many people are wondering how to protect themselves during these times, you still have to venture out to work, shop and run errands. You wonder if you are going to transfer this deadly virus to your hands or breathe it in and you just don’t know where this can happen.

We search for the solutions that will reduce or eliminate any contamination to ourselves and the environments we spend our time in. After months of searching, listening to reviews and asking people about the Vollara Technology, I have concluded this may be the best system for my home, office and business.

This compact air purifier uses ActivePure® Technology to destroy odors, eliminate smoke and reduce contaminants on surfaces and in the air. If you are concerned about protecting everyone around you, including yourself, you owe it to yourself to check it out. 

Cleans Air and Surfaces In All Buildings

If you ever wondered how safe and clean the surfaces and the air you breathe are when you walk into a room, this technology will settle your fears knowing that 99.9% of contaminants have been filtered out or killed.

The new and improved ActivePure® Cell design delivers ActivePure® faster within any room up to 3,000 square feet. This will provide the highest level of peace of mind when you know this little machine reduces airborne and surface contaminants throughout your whole home and office space.

You will notice the quality of air right away when this unit goes to work and freshens air and removes odors in stale environments without the use of ozone. Long time users of the Air & Surface Pro have noticed that their sleeping patterns have improved and do not suffer from allergies anymore. This alone is cost savings if you don’t have to purchase allergy medicines anymore. This all happens at home in your own environment, so you wonder how long you’ve had to suffer because of poor air quality in your home. 

Every building has contaminants to a certain level whether they are from human activity, building materials, materials and chemicals being stored in the building or the materials that objects are  constructed from. The Air & Surface Pro reduces dirt and dust from the air immediately. You will notice the difference in air quality right away. 

Once the Air and Surface Pro starts to filter the air in your room, Positive and Negatively charged ions reduce small particles and airborne pollutants and the air and surfaces are being treated instantly, this also means that you can start reducing chemical cleaners and so called Air Fresheners in your home of office. 

Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Places During COVID-19

This is real concern if you have gone back to work and are exposed to COVID-19 and the new variants, this will reduce your exposure right away. Vollara has options for your car, your personal office space and for bigger spaces such as Restaurant areas, Shopping areas and any place more people gather or stop in. 

Many employees are exposed to the general public as we start to open, even if we are opening to less people, you are still increasing your chances of exposure. When you have Vollara technology installed in your business, you are protecting your employees, your customer and yourself. 

Think about it, you want to do anything you can to decrease the level of exposure that you take back to your own home every day. Protect Your Family starting today and install Vollara technology in your home, car, office and public spaces. We don’t know how long COVID-19 and the Variants will continue to challenge us in our day to day efforts of living. Stop worrying and breathe easier starting today.

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