How to make money online trading bitcoin cryptocurrency

 So you want to learn how to make money online trading bitcoin and crypto currencies? If this is the start of your journey into the Blockchain form of digital money called crypto for short, welcome aboard! In order to get started making money online on the bitcoin or ethereum network you are going to need a digital crypto wallet. Crypto currency wallets come in 2 types A) Online Crypto Exchange which are considered ‘centralized’ meaning you use a website to access your crypto currency portfolio holdings. The advantages are easy graphical user interface (GUI) like CoinBase. This type of crypto currency platform usually requires an email address and KYC (Passport or Drivers Lic.) requirements for banking. This is the easiest way to convert money from your checking account or credit card accounts into Bitcoin or Ethereum. The disadvantage is the the ‘centralized exchange’ has the ‘Private Keys’ (Secure Encrypted Codes) to your Bitcoin and other crypto currency holdings. 
        Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain networks were created for peer-to-peer exchange. Which is a ‘decentralized platform’ were No-One but You the crypto holder holds the ‘Private Keys’ (Secure Encrypted Codes). You can sign up for a crypto-wallet thru the APP Store of your cell phone or Web-Browser Crypto Wallet using Meta-mask which gives you the ‘Private Keys’ of ‘Encryption codes’ upon sign up. What gives Bitcoin and Ethereum Value? Encryption 
        The Blockchain network of Bitcoin and Ethereum use large amounts of computer power and computer resources to solve math mathematics to solve and verify complex equations (Blocks). Each computer in the network verifies the answer to the mathematical equation. The group or network of computers that solves each (Blockchain) equation gets rewarded in Bitcoin or Ethereum. Bitcoin and Ethereum use two different types of computers to ‘Hash’ these math problems. Thus Bitcoin and Ethereum networks operate differently. But many cryptocurrency projects (Thousands) have come online since Bitcoin was started.
        Once you get your bitcoin or ethereum digital wallet and you (Saved Your Private Keys!) you can buy bitcoin online using your credit card or bank account. Look you started making money online with crypto currency already! Now you might want to try a bitcoin crypto currency day trading platform. Being new you might want to paper trade until you get the hang of crypto trading. Since there are so many crypto currency exchanges and platforms there is always crypto trading arbitrage. This is the price difference between different platforms and exchanges. Using a crypto trading arbitrage software helps to remove the price swings in bitcoin trading. 
        Social Signals which come from crypto currency news can be tested and copied using aa automated crypto bot market place and platform. Crypto Hopper provides crypto signals and strategies in the form of crypto trading templates called hoppers. You can paper trade your crypto currency portfolio holdings and copy the signals and strategies of crypto traders who have back tested there own artificial intelligent (AI) software. This platform makes it easy to test your own crypto trading signals and even sell your social crypto signals inside the marketplace.

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