The Hanged Man card in Tarot Card Reading.

This hanged man tarot card, it depicts the image of a man who is suspended upside-down and hangs by his foot from the living tree. This tree is rooted deep down in the underworld, and it is known to support the heavens. The belief is that the hang man is actually placed there on his own free will. We believe this due to the calm expression present on his visage. His right foot is bound by the branches while his left foot remains perfectly free. While doing this he’s putting the hands of his behind in a manner which creates an inverted triangle. His red pants are a representation of the physical body and human’s passion, while the blue that he wears on his shirt are representative of calm emotions, a color combination commonly found in saints. The intellect of his character is represented by the yellow hue of his hair, shoes and the halo. The hanged man recognizes the significance of his position as the sacrifice he was forced to accept in order to move forward, either as a way of remorse for past wrongdoings, or a calculated step backward to reconsider his course of action. The time he is in will not go unnoticed, it is part of his progress. His upside down state could also represent the feelings of those who are on a spiritual path, for they see the world differently. While there are those who aren’t aware of the necessity of sacrifice, you view it in a different way. This is a normal course of action for you when you are on the path alone. The Hanged Man card reflects an urge to stop any action. As a result, this might indicate a certain period of indecision. This implies that specific actions or decisions which need to be taken in a timely manner will likely be delayed even though there is an urgent need to act at this moment. In fact, it would be ultimately the best if you are capable of stalling certain actions to allow more time to reflect on the most important decisions. This is the most beneficial option. The Hanged Man is about sacrifice, new perspectives and looking forward to the ideal time. For those who are single who are single, the straight Hanged Man tarot love meaning indicates that things can’t be done in a hurry. Regardless of how much you throw yourself into your love life or send your date with all the appropriate things however, it’s not your responsibility when the other person isn’t prepared. Instead of trying to pressure or force a relationship to come into realization, make use of this opportunity to observe how your perspective changes when you’re alone. Similar things happen in relationships too. Timing may be an issue when you are having crucial discussions or moving relationships to higher levels.

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